Entire speech of Geert Wilders on Islam in Dutch parliament in 2007, translation

Geert Wilders held this speech on 6 september 2007 in front of the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch original can be found on the website of his party.

I translated the entire speech, for your convenience. It was is part of a political debate, following the release of a Dutch Government report on Islamic activism.

This speech can be seen as the blue print for all his later speeches and interviews, here Geert Wilders makes his famous comparison between the Koran and Mein Kampf for the first time. He also calls the Prophet Muhammad a barbarian, advocates a complete ban on the Koran and making Islam at large and the building of Mosques illegal in the Netherlands. One can also see how his statements on Muslim criminals evolve, that he later developed into his call for the deportation of all Muslims.

Notice how smartly written and well thought out the whole thing is. It is evident from these words, that Geert Wilders above all things seeks media exposure, and that he understands how to get it. His recipe: raise as much controversy as possible, be the talk of the town. Towards the end of the speech, the scapegoating uncannily resembles the Nazi propaganda on jews, as propagated during the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. Geert Wilders is of course very much aware of that, and of the avalanche of indignant press it will trigger. I am quite convinced he actually uses these phrases on purpose. In his political CV you can read that before Geert Wilders started his own movement, the Party for Freedom, he worked a speech writer for the VVD-party for 8 years. That definitely shows… Every thing he says has a very clear purpose: more exposure, i.e. a bigger electorate and more power. So, here it is:

”First of all, my sincere thanks to you personally, madam chairman, for planning a debate on Islam today, on my birthday. I could not have wished for a better gift!

Madam chairman, about 1.400 years ago war was declared on us, by an ideology of hatred and violence, that arose in those days,  proclaimed by a barbarian who called himself Prophet Muhammad. I am talking about Islam.

Madam chairman, let me start with the book that is the foundation of Islam, the Koran. The obligation for all Muslims to resist non-Muslims is the core theme of the Qur’aan, the Islamic Mein Kampf, and this resistance means war, jihad. The Koran is above all a war book – it calls for the slaughter of non-Muslims (sura’s 2:191, 3:141, 4:91, 5:33), roasting them (4:56, 69:30-69:32) and starting blood baths among them (47:4). It compares Jews to apes and swine (2:65, 5:60, 7:166). People who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, according to the Koran should be fought at all cost. (sura 9:30).

Madam chairman, the West has no problem with Judaism and Christianity, but it does have a problem with Islam. The Koran’s texts, which are for ever applicable to all Muslims,  can easily be read by Muslims as a license to kill, even today. And this happens. The contents of the Koran are phrased in such a way that it’s commands are addressed to the Muslims of all times, including Muslims today. This stands in sharp contrast with the texts in the Bible, that are formulated as semi-historical stories, and in which the events portrayed are placed in a distant past. It is therefore no wonder that the catastrophic terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London were performed by Muslims, and not by Jews or Christians. It is no accident that  Theo van Gogh was brutally slaughtered by Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri

Madam chairman, there are certainly moderate people, who call themselves Muslims and do respect our laws. The Party for Freedom (Wilders Political Party, SG) has nothing against them, but the Qur’aan hates them. The Koran says in Sura 2, verse 85, that Muslims who believe only part of the Koran will be humiliated and will receive the severest punishment in the afterlife, in other words: they will roast in Hell’s fires. According to the Qur’aan, people who say they are Muslims, but do not subscribe to for instance Sura 9 verse 30, that says that Jews and Christians must be fought, or Sura 5 verse 38, that says that the hand of a thief should be hacked off,  these people will be humiliated and will roast in Hell. I am not making this up, madam chairman, this is what the Qur’aan says. According to the Qur’aan, Muslims who only believe a part of it’s content are in fact apostates, people who have deserted their religion, and we know how the Qur’aan thinks about apostates:  they must be slain.

Madam chairman, the Koran is an inflammatory book, and the distribution of seditious writings such as it, is prohibited under Article 132 of our Criminal Code. This book also inspires hatred in peoples hearts, and calls for murder and manslaughter; the spreading of such texts is forbidden by Article 137 of our law. The Qur’aan is an extemely dangerous book, it is completely hostile to our legal and constitutional democracy. If we want to consolidate our national defenses, our laws and the Dutch civilization at large, it is urgently necessary to completely ban the Koran, and I shall take political steps to achieve this in my second term.

Madam chairman, there is no such thing  as a moderate Islam.  Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan recently said this literally, and I quote: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Islam is all about world domination. Islam wants to enforce its imperialist agenda globally, with brute force (sura 8:39). Many examples of this can be found in European history. Fortunately, the first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at Poitiers in 732 A.D., and a second invasion was stopped in 1683 in Vienna. Madam chairman, let us make sure that the third Islamic invasion, which is now in full swing, is brought to a standstill. In contrast to the 8th and 17th centuries it goes slowly, creepingly right now, there is no visible Islamic army. But none is needed, since the scared dhimmis of the West (Dhimmi, Arabic: ذمّي, is the traditional term for “non-Muslims” under Sharia law in an Islamic country. SG) among them many Dutch politicians, leave our country’s doors wide open for the Islam and Muslims. (Here Geert Wilders conveniently forgets that the Netherlands actively recruited immigrants, from Morocco and Turkey in the seventies, to do dirty jobs. SG)

Besides conquest and world domination, madam chairman, the Islam also strives to install a completely different social order in our country and in Europe, with it’s own legal system: the Sha’ria. Beside being a religion for hundreds of millions of Muslims, the Islam is above all a political ideology (with it’s own politics, constitution and Islamic norms and values etc). This ideology has no respect for others, not for Christians, not for Jews, not for unbelievers and not for apostates. Islam only wants to dominate, enslave, kill and wage war.

Madam chairman, the growing Islamization of Europe must be stopped. Islam is the Trojan horse of Europe. If we do not stop the Islamization, Eurabia and Netherabia are only a matter of time. A century ago there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today there are about 1 million Muslims that live in our country. (Again, the Netherlands actively recruited.. SG) Where is this heading?

We are facing the end of our European and Dutch society as we know it. But prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende responded coolly to my parliamentary questions this week, and said that Islamization in our country is not an issue. This has already become a historical case of miss-judgement. Many Dutch people, Mr. Prime Minister, see the Islamization of the Netherlands every day, as it is happening. And many people have had enough of burkas, headscarves, the ritual slaughter of animals, honor killings, of minarets booming, of imams screaming, of female circumcision and hymen reconstruction, of the abuse of gay people, of reading Turkish and Arabic texts in busses and trains and on official documents, of halal meat in our biggest grocery store chains Albert Heijn and Al Hema, of Sharia wills, Wouter Bos’es Sharia mortgages  and the enormous overrepresentation of Muslims in crime in the Netherlands, including street terrorism by young Moroccans.

However, madam chairman, there is hope. Fortunately. The majority of the Dutch people are aware of the danger that has become so common, and have opened their eyes to see Islam as a threat to our national culture. The PVV (The Party For Freedom, Geert Wilders own right wing party SG) takes these people seriously and wants to represent their voice as best as it can.

Many Dutch are sick to their stomach of the whole situation and yearn for action against the Islamization. But Hague politicians sit back and do nothing, paralized by fear, political correctness or simply by electoral motives: a fear of losing Muslim voters, as is obviously the the case with the Labor Party. The Prime Minister has said  in Indonesia that the Islam poses no danger. Minister Donner of legislation sees no reason why the Sha’ria shouldn’t be introduced  in the Netherlands, if the majority wants it. Minister Vogelaar babbles that the Netherlands will become a Jewish-Christian-Islamic society in the future, and that she wants to help Islam to take further root  in Dutch society. This minister shows us that she has become completely insane. Her statements betray our Dutch culture and insult the Dutch population.

Madam chairman, the Party for Freedom demands that Minister Vogelaar retract het statements. If the Minister does not do so, the fraction of the Freedom Party will publicly express a loss of confidence in her capabilities. The Netherlands must never know an Islamic tradition, not now, and not for the coming centuries. (Geert Wilders here forgets the long standing Islamic tradition in the Netherlands, that includes a.o. the obvious Arabic Numerals, Chemistry, Wind Mills, that came from medieval Persia and Delft Blue, which was adapted from Islamic tiles.)

Madam chairman, I will now briefly quote from the responses of the government on the WRR report. On page 12 of its response, the government says that Islam is not incompatible with democracy and human rights. Just as I thought this whole thing cannot get much crazier…

Madam chairman. It is a few minutes to midnight. If we carry on like this, Islam will be the end of our Western civilization and of Dutch culture.

I would like to end my contributions to this parliament in this first term of mine, with a personal appeal to the Prime Minister, on behalf of many Dutch people: Stop the Islamization of the Netherlands!

There is an historic task that now rests on your shoulders, Mr. Balkenende. We need you to be brave, and do what so many Dutch people are screaming for, do the right thing, that what the Netherlands needs most, right now. Stop all immigration from Muslim countries, forbid the building of more new mosques, close all Islamic schools, forbid the burqaa and the Koran. Send criminal Muslims, like our young Moroccan  street terrorists that drive the Dutch people crazy, back to the country where they came from. (This is not possible, the young Morrocan trouble makers Geert Wilders is talking about were born in the Netherlands. SG) Take your responsibility, mister Balkenende! Stop the Islamization right now! Enough is enough Mr. Balkenende. Enough is enough.”

Geert Wilders


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